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Pricing and Fees

Registering for lessons has a registration fee of $30 which is paid to our host studio Off Centre Dance Co and covers our insurance. Fees for the term will be invoiced in full at the beginning of the term and then added to a direct debit schedule. For those who wish to pay upfront, you may do so via direct transfer to the studios singing account, otherwise fees will be direct debited as per the schedule. Lessons are debited regardless of attendance and lessons are locked in for a term period.

We have three class times available depending on what you prefer:
$30 for 30 Minutes - Great for younger singers with short attention spans!
$45 for 45 Minutes - A great average time with an incorporation of technique and performance for singers.
$60 for 60 Minutes - Essential for Guitar Lesson students and also Great for HSC singing students who need to focus on their performance technique for exams.

Terms and Conditions >> Click to Open <<

1. A yearly registration fee of $30.00 is applicable per student. This fee is payable at the time of registration and is non-refundable. This fee is paid directly to Off Centre Dance Co and covers insurance and a gift at the end of the year.

2. Invoices will be issued prior to a term commencing. These fees will then be scheduled to be direct debited from your nominated account by ‘INTEGRA PAY’ regardless if class is attended or not.

3. Students that are absent due to illness or for any other reason, MUST notify their teacher as soon as possible. In the case that the call is not answered, please text your teacher with your message.

4. Sick days - If a student is sick, a makeup lesson can be scheduled. Makeup lessons are billed in addition to normal class fees are are billed at a 50% discount.

5. No refunds will be issued under any circumstances.

6. Fees must be paid regardless of attendance.

7. Parents are not permitted to enter classrooms unless invited. Please wait in parents waiting room or outside the studio for the classes to be over.

8. If a parent wishes to speak with a teacher, please do so at the beginning of class as to not affect the lessons after.

9. Students must be ready to enter class on time. It is advised to arrive approximately 10 minutes before your allocated class time. Lateness will be deducted from class time as to not affect the lessons after.

10. Patrons must agree to pay the amount of all owing invoices for classes taken or agreed to take as per these terms and conditions. Failure to honour payment will result in debt recovery proceedings at your expense.

11. In the event that lessons can not be continued, the remainder of term fees must be paid for, cancellation of class will take effect from the following term. Once a lesson is effectively cancelled, this time may be allocated to another student from our waitlist. If you wish to cancel your lesson, you must do so in writing.
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